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10/29/01 Nature Notes Leopard Frog Fall Choruses, Flying Squirrel Calls, Scintillation, Venus and Mercury
11/05/01 Nature Notes Finding Uranus and Neptune with Binoculars, The Leonid Meteor Shower, Fall Leopard Frog Tadpoles
11/12/01 Nature Notes A Tennessee Aurora, Meteors
11/26/01 Nature Notes The Leonid Meteor Shower, Great Horned Owl Duets, Finding Uranus with Binoculars
12/03/01 Nature Notes The Most Beautiful Arc, Sun Dogs
01/21/02 Nature Notes Flying and Vultures, Looking for Frogs in Winter
02/04/02 Nature Notes Tiger Salamanders, Winter Egg Masses, Woodcock Courtship Flights
02/25/02 Nature Notes An Occultation of Saturn, Canopus, Young Great Horned Owls
06/25/02 Nature Notes Somewhere Over Roy G Biv (Rainbows)
10/25/02 Nature Notes A November Tradition (The Leonid Meteor Shower)