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Wood Frog
Lithobates sylvaticus
Description: Size: 1.4-2.7 inches, (record 3.2 inches.)  A medium sized tan to dark brown frog with a dark mask behind the eye and a white line over the lip.  The flash colors are a pale yellow orange.

Voice: Call is a series of clucks similar to the Southern Leopard Frog, but more random in delivery and with little carrying power.  The wind was bending the grass over when we recorded this chorus on a blustery January night.  We have heard them calling through February.  One of our earliest breeders.

Habitat: Upland deciduous woodlands.  Breed explosively very early in the year, as soon as the first warm rains come in January.  They make use of temporarily flooded fields, ponds, rutted areas in dirt roads and flooded ditches.

Range: Found in eastern Tennessee and across north central Tennessee as far west as Dickson county.