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American Bullfrog
Lithobates catesbeianus
Description: Size: 3.5-6 inches, (record 8.6 inches).  Our largest frog in Tennessee.  A very large brown to green frog.  The dorsolateral ridge curves around the tympanum (eardrum) and does not continue down the back.  Males have bright yellow throats during the breeding season.  Bullfrogs, like several of the lithobatids, can be sexed by looking at the size of the tympanum.  Males have a tympanum larger than their eye. 

Voice: Call is a loud deep "jug-o-rum."  We have heard them call from March through August.  Typically a warm weather breeder.

Habitat: Bullfrogs require permanent bodies of water since it can take two years for their tadpoles to metamorphose into frogs.

Range: Statewide