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Gopher Frog
Lithobates capito
Description: Size: 2.5-3.5 inches, (record 3.9 inches).  Similar to the Crawfish Frog in appearance but the dark spots that cover it are not encircled by white and its throat and belly are mottled.  Gopher frogs have prominent dorsolateral ridges and distinctive sacral humps

Voice: Call is a deep drawn-out snore or growl.  Often calls from beneath the water.  We have not heard them in Tennessee, but have heard them calling in Georgia in January.  This frog has only been found near Tullahoma, Tennessee and is only known from two records.  This call was recorded in Georgia and includes in the background an Ornate Chorus Frog, a frog which has not yet been recorded in Tennessee.  It has a ringing sound like someone tapping two pieces of hardened steel together.

Habitat: Known only from one locality in Tennessee, near Tullahoma.  The population we studied in Georgia bred in ponds and borrow pits in an area known to have Gopher Tortoise.

Range: Known from only one locality in Tennessee, near Tullahoma, in Coffee county.