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Upland Chorus Frog
Pseudacris feriarum
Description: Size: 0.7-1.4 inches, (record 1.5 inches).  A small, tan to light brown frog with three darker stripes (sometimes broken) running down its back.  A dark triangle occurs between the eyes.

Voice: Call is short, raspy and rises in pitch.  This call sounds like someone dragging their thumbnail over the teeth of a comb.  Our earliest breeding frog.  We have heard full breeding choruses starting in November and continuing through the winter into spring and summer.  Isolated individuals call from the trees during the fall.  

Habitat: Breeding sites are usually shallow temporary pools formed in flooded pastures with emergent vegetation and grassy margins. 

Range: Statewide with the exception of the highest elevations in the eastern mountains.  Sometimes occurs along with the Mountain Chorus Frog on the Cumberland Plateau.