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Mountain Chorus Frog
Pseudacris brachyphona
Description: Size: 1- 1.2 inches, (record 1.5 inches).  A small chorus frog marked in shades of tan and black, a little like a miniature Wood Frog.  Two pairs of curved lines on its back form a set of reverse parentheses.  A dark line goes through the eye and there is a conspicuous white line above the lip. 

Voice: Call is short, raspy and rises in pitch.  This call is similar to the Upland Chorus Frog but is faster and shorter.  We have heard them calling from February through August, with the peak of calling from late February into March.

Habitat: These frogs are found at higher elevations in the Cumberland Plateau and the eastern mountains.  They breed in flooded roadside ditches, pools along streams and even in wheel ruts along gravel roads in the mountains.

Range: Cumberland Plateau and eastern mountains.