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Barking Treefrog
Hyla gratiosa
Description: Size: 2 -2.6 inches, (record 2.7 inches).  Our largest treefrog, this beautiful frog is bright green with a yellow stripe on its sides.  Note the very large toe pads and the heavy granulation of the skin on the treefrog's back.  These are useful characteristics to distinguish this treefrog from the Green Treefrog, with which it is easily confused.  Dark spots may or may not be present on the back.  Voice can helpful in distinguishing the two.

Voice: Call is a short hollow-sounding "bark" similar to the sound of a beagle on the trail of a rabbit.  Also makes a raspy tree call at dusk before descending to the water.  We have heard them from June through August.

Habitat: These frogs breed in a variety of habitats ranging from cypress or sweetgum ponds to flooded cultivated fields.

Range: This frog occurs in four separate regions of the state; the Cumberland Plateau, the Coastal Plain of west Tennessee, the eastern Highland Rim and north central Tennessee (and southern Kentucky.)