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Green Treefrog
Hyla cinerea
Description: Size 1.2-2.2 inches (record 2.5 inches).  Certainly one of the most beautiful frogs in Tennessee.  They are a large, sleek, long-legged bright green treefrog with a yellowish stripe down each side.  Can be easily confused with the Barking Treefrog.  Compare the granulation on the skin on the treefrog's belly to the skin on its back.  If the back is smoother, it's probably a Green Treefrog.  If the skin on the back is granulated as much as the belly, its probably a Barking Treefrog.  Note the differences in the calls of these two species.

Voice: Call is a short nasal "quonk."   Also sounds a little like an old-time squeeze bulb bicycle horn.  We have heard them call May through August, with a peak calling period in June and July. 

Habitat: These frogs prefer the permanent waters of cypress swamps, marshes and river sloughs.

Range: In the Coastal Plain of west Tennessee.