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Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad 
Gastrophryne carolinensis
Description: Size: .9-1.2 inches, (record 1.5 inches).  A small potbellied frog with a tiny, turtle-like head and a pointed snout.  Their short legs and large body give them a toad-like appearance, although they are not a true toad.  They have small eyes with dark round pupils.  A fold of skin runs behind the eyes and can be pulled over the eyes to protect them.

Voice: Call is a high drawn-out, insect-like "beeeeeeeeeeee".  Many liken it to the bleating of a newborn lamb.  We have heard them call from April through October.  Breeding choruses usually follow heavy rains, especially late summer rains of 2" or more.

Habitat: Can be found in a variety of habitats including old fields and cedar glades.  They require moist logs for cover and ants and termites for food.  Usually breeds in temporarily flooded ditches and low areas of fields that have been created by heavy rains.

Range: Occurs statewide with the exception of the eastern mountains.