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Fowler's Toad   
Anaxyrus fowleri
Description: Size 2.5- 3 inches (record 3.7 inches).  A medium sized toad ranging in color from light tan to brick red, with dry warty skin.  Similar to American Toad but has 3 or more warts in each dark spot.  The parotoid glands (large poison glands on back of the head) touch the cranial crests (raised ridges on back of the head.)

Voice: Call is a raspy "Waaaaa" that sounds a little like a baby crying.  Calling usually begins in April and peaks in May.  We have heard them call through July.

Habitat: This toad often frequents sandy floodplains and river bottoms but occurs in almost every terrestrial habitat, including roadsides, backyards, fields, pastures and gardens.

Range: Statewide